Preparing Your Book Collection for a Storage Unit

February 23, 2018

Home library in need of storage unit

Preparing Your Collection of Books for a Storage Unit

Books are oftentimes some of our most treasured collections. They can transport us back in time, allow us to imagine new worlds, or teach us important life lessons. No matter what your preferred subject, books can quickly take up lots of space. Whether you have an overflowing library or are just looking to declutter your office space, a storage unit can handle a personal book collection that has grown too large for your home. Today, Affordable Family Storage would like to explain the ways in which you should prepare your books for longtime storage so that they remain in pristine condition.

Choose a Storage Unit with Climate Control

Humidity can do major, irreparable damage to your collection. Choosing a storage facility that offers climate control is key to ensuring your collection will remain in good condition. If you were to store your collection at a facility that did not offer climate control and the humidity became high enough, moisture would lead to mold growth, ruining your books. Low humidity can also be a problem, as it can lead to the embrittlement of the paper. In general, you want your humidity to be around 30% to 50%.

Book Preparation

First and foremost, you want to ensure that your books are clean and dirt free. Dirty books can transfer dirt and grime to the rest of your collection. Just a simple wipe down with a dry rag should be enough to ensure that they are clean. Next, you will want to wrap your books in a cloth or paper layer. Avoid plastic as moisture can become trapped inside and lead to mold. Cloth and paper offer the breathability necessary for storage while still offering protection.

Boxing Your Collection

Once you have your books cleaned and ready to pack, select small boxes for your collection. A box filled with books can become extremely heavy. Try to select boxes that will fit about the number of books that would fit in a backpack. Enough to safely carry without becoming burdensome. We recommend setting a wooden pallet down and stacking the boxes on top of the pallet, just in case the worst-case scenario happens and flooding occurs. When stacking the boxes, try not to stack them above shoulder height.

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