Packing Material Tips for Self-Storage

December 9, 2017

storage boxes ready for self-storage

Best Packing Materials for Self-Storage

Not all items you place into self-storage with Affordable Family Storage should be packaged the same way. That may go without saying, but we still see many of our customers unload a box with broken dishes, or they open a box months later to find that they had broken a special vase when they originally loaded it in. We hate to see it happen, but it does.

Thankfully, when you choose to store your stuff with us, we provide you with the tools and materials necessary to ensure that you can pack and move your things into self-storage with the utmost care. On-site at our Jefferson City location, we offer dollies, handcarts, ramps, and packing supplies for all of our customers. Ramps mean that you don’t have to make any treacherous steps up or down from your unit or your vehicle, which is often how items get broken.

Here, Affordable Family Storage offers some advice for both your packing containers and your packing materials, so that you can feel comfortable knowing that not only are your items stored in a well-protected, climate-controlled facility, but they are also safe from damage and pests.

Picking the Best Container for the Job

Getting enough cardboard boxes to pack your things is as easy as visiting the nearest supermarket and asking for some whatever boxes they have lying around. While this works great for the college student packing up to haul their things back to campus after a holiday break, cardboard boxes don’t work as well for long-term self-storage. Clear plastic containers allow you to see their contents, which makes it easier to pull things from storage when you need them. Plastic containers are also much less easily breached by any pesky bugs or rodents who want to damage your valuables.

Not every item belongs in a box, of course. Larger items like couches, mattresses, reading chairs, etc. should be covered in plastic and, if possible, sealed to prevent spiders and insects from taking up residence.

Pick the Best Packing Materials

Makeshift packing materials can usually be easily scrounged up when you’re in a rush. Most people, for instance, have piles of plastic bags from the grocery store. Wadded up, these can provide very basic packing insulation in a pinch, but they aren’t going to protect your most valuable items. Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and styrofoam all make some of the best packing insulation. But if you’re packing on a budget, consider newspaper, too, which you can get easily and in large quantities.

Self-Storage Solutions from Affordable Family Storage

Affordable Family Storage makes self-storage in Jefferson City both cost-effective and easy. By providing you with easily accessible units, climate-controlled facilities, and packing supplies, we make the whole process of moving your things to self-storage a breeze. For more information on what our Jefferson City storage facility has to offer, visit our site. We look forward to helping you store your stuff!

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