Packing Fragile Items For Your Storage Unit

February 17, 2018

Woman packing fragile items in a box for a storage unit.

How to Pack Fragile Items for a Storage Unit

Oftentimes packing fragile items in order to properly secure them in a storage unit is a great idea. You can keep items safe and secure in a temperature-controlled facility like Affordable Family Storage. However, it is important that before you drop your item off that you properly prepare your fragile items with the correct packing techniques. Learn what you need to do to avoid having your items damaged during transportation to your storage unit below.

Packing Materials Needed

Fragile items require proper materials in order to provide cushion and protection during transportation. In particular, items like wine glasses and fine china that have weak points need extra protection. The first thing you will need is the right packing items. Boxes that are in good shape, bubble wrap, newspaper, or packing peanuts are all especially helpful. If you have the original packaging that originally housed the items they can often be ideal as they were designed for that specific item. Getting the right material can ensure your goods make it to your storage unit in one piece.

Steps For Preparing Your Fragile Items

First, you will want to secure the box that will be holding your belongings. Tape the edges and seams of the box to ensure it stays together and holds the proper shape. Then build a base of protection with bubble wrap, newspaper, or packing peanuts. Next, you will want to wrap each item individually with newspaper or towels. Focus on areas that may be more fragile, such as the stem of a wine glass. After wrapping the material around your items, lightly secure the protective material with tape. Carefully place your wrapped items into the protective base, starting with the heaviest on the bottom to the lightest on top. After you have your items in place, fill the remainder of the box with more of the protective material before sealing the top of the box. After you have the box seal, place a fragile sticker on the box so you know which boxes you need to be extra careful with while moving them to your storage unit.

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