Packing and Moving Tips for Putting Items into a Storage Facility

December 6, 2017

boxes sealed and ready to be moved to a storage facility

Tips for Packing and Moving Items into a Storage Facility

Don’t be fooled: anyone who has moved often can tell you that packing is an art. It’s not unlike playing a life-sized game of Tetris, except the boxes and their contents may carry a lot more value to you. That’s why it is vital that you know a thing or two about smart packing when you’re moving your stuff into a storage facility.

Because Affordable Family Storage happily serves the residents of Jefferson City and the surrounding areas, we offer a whole range of packing tips to help you ensure that your stuff remains in the best condition. Here, we will discuss some more general tips to make sure that you and whomever you’ve roped into helping you move your things have the easiest time possible moving your things.

Plan Ahead

Few things are worse than waking up on the day you need to move your things into a storage facility and realizing that you’re only halfway packed, if at all. While it is possible to rally together the energy to whirlwind through your packing, chances are that you’ll end up breaking something in the process or improperly packing something fragile that will end up broken on arrival to the storage facility. Planning and preparing well in advance of your moving date will allow you to pack everything with ample attention to detail. Some basic things to consider will be securing enough boxes, preferably in similar sizes to ensure easy stacking, and labeling everything in some kind of uniform way that will make identifying the contents of each box much easier.

Do Some Research

If you check out our packing tips page, you’ll find all kinds of advice about the best ways to store certain items. Additionally, you can check out our storage calculator to determine what size of unit in our storage facility will be best for your things. After all, you may be able to fit everything into a 5x5 unit, but will you be able to access everything easily? We recommend that our customers leave a bit of room between their boxes and the walls of their unit to improve ventilation, reducing the chance of mold buildup in humid seasons.

Exercise Caution

Packing and moving don’t have to be exhausting. While you may have a lot of items to move, your best bet is to take your time and get help when you need it. Back injuries are not uncommon if you aren’t practicing safe lifting and stacking methods. Your best bet is to get help from a friend if you’re worried that something is too heavy. Even objects that aren’t heavy but awkwardly shaped can load your spine in a way that makes it more prone to injury. When you choose to store your stuff at an Affordable Family Storage facility, you have access to all kinds of packing and moving materials that will make your life a little easier, such as packing tape and dollies.

Make Sure Your Storage Facility Is Affordable

Affordable is in our name, so you know it’s a top priority for us. In fact, we founded our business on the idea that affordable storage should not be without great amenities, which is why we offer incredible perks like climate-controlled units, many-layered security, covered parking, drive-up access to your unit, RV & boat parking, 24-hr access, and so much more. Learn more about our Jefferson City location here, and check out our offer for your first month free!


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