Musical Gear Storage Solutions

December 4, 2017

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Storage Solutions for Musical Gear

Jefferson City and the surrounding areas are home to some great local bands, musicians, and aspiring stars. And with a handful of music stores in the area, too, we see a lot of instruments and music gear come through. But ensuring proper storage for your gear can be difficult if you don’t have access to the right facilities or you haven’t done proper research on storing your instruments. Here, we discuss how Affordable Family Storage provides established and aspiring musicians with the storage solutions they need to keep their gear in great playing shape.

Use the Proper Case

The first rule for properly storing your musical equipment is to make sure you’re storing it in its original case. Many guitar players may opt for a gig bag if they’re doing a lot of traveling, while others may opt for aftermarket cases for their look or added durability. While these storage solutions may be functional enough for life on the road, they also may not be appropriately shaped for your individual instrument. Drums, microphones, cables, and other equipment should also be covered in their original cases, if for no other reason than to discourage dust and dirt from accumulating.

Store Above the Floor, Away From Vents

While our storage units in Jefferson City are climate-controlled, it is still smart to store your instruments and other musical equipment away from vents and up off the floor. This ensures that they are exposed to less moving air which may dry out wood instruments like clarinets, bassoons, drums, or guitars, while also keeping them away from the floor where they could be damaged in the event of severe flooding. While we don’t ever expect to experience flooding conditions in Jefferson City, there’s no reason you shouldn’t exercise the utmost caution with your storage solutions.

Clean Your Instruments Before Storage

While this storage solution may seem obvious, it bears repeating. Clean your instruments before you put them away in storage. The worst that could happen is that you put away an instrument that has been well-used without cleaning it only to find that its condition has worsened from the dirt and grease you left on it. Wood instruments can warp, metal ones can become tarnished and discolored, and electronics can acquire a lot of dust. Taking the time to gently and carefully clean your instruments and equipment will ensure that you can pull it out of storage looking just as good as how you left it.

Storage Solutions Abound with Affordable Family Storage

If you’re in the Jefferson City, MO area and you need reliable storage solutions for your musical instruments and gear, contact a member of our team at Affordable Family Storage. We provide storage solutions for cities and towns all over the Midwest, including locations in Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. Reach our Jefferson City location at 573-240-8668 or visit our location to get started using our 24-hour kiosk.

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