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January 28, 2019

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AFS: Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

There are so many benefits to a minimalist lifestyle. If you are interested in making this sort of change, make sure to read our Affordable Family Storage blog that gives you tips for making the transition to a more minimal way of living!

Take Time to Declutter

Go methodically through every room in your house and sort through the things you need and the things you can get rid of. When you’re attempting to live a minimalist lifestyle a question you should be asking yourself frequently is whether something will add significant value to your life. If the answer is yes, keep it, but if the answer is "no" either throw or give it away. This will keep your possessions to a minimum.

Invest in Clever Storage

Storage will be vital in keeping your space uncluttered and minimalistic. So, invest in quality and smart storage options. Built in cabinets and storage bins are a great way to keep your living space clean and tidy. The key is to keep things out of sight.

Invest in High Quality

The idea of a minimalist lifestyle is to have fewer things cluttering your home. Because you will have fewer possessions, it is well worth it to spend more money on those pieces. Invest in a quality bed or couch that will last you a long time.

Establish Clear Goals and Intentions

An essential step in transitioning to a more minimal lifestyle is clearly defining why you are making this lifestyle change. Having clear goals and intentions will help you stick to this sort of lifestyle and help you make conscious decisions moving forward.

Rent a Self-Storage Unit From AFS

If you have some things that you want to keep, but know will cause unnecessary clutter in your minimalist home then consider renting out a storage unit with Affordable Family Storage in Wichita. Contact us today to learn more!

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