Long-Term Personal Storage Tips

February 14, 2018

personal storage facility for long-term storage

Tips for Long-Term Personal Storage

Putting things into personal storage isn’t always as easy as grabbing whatever boxes you can find, stuffing them full, tossing them into a unit, and slamming the door. While this may work for someone who only plans to store their things for a short period of time, others who may be traveling for a year, staying with a sick parent, or otherwise plan to be away for an extended period of time will want to take some steps to make sure that their stuff remains in good condition for the duration of its time in self-storage.

Storing your stuff long-term in personal storage has some of its own best practices. Here we detail a few of them so that you can be confident as soon as you return from your time away that you find everything as you left it.

Find a Trustworthy and Reliable Storage Company

First and foremost, you will want to keep your things at a personal storage facility you feel like you can trust. This is especially true if you’re going to be storing some valuables or important items. Call some facilities and check out their grounds. The cleaner they are, the better. If you see someone shuffling around in their unit, don’t hesitate to politely ask how satisfied they are with the place. This should give you a good indication of the quality of the facilities you’re considering.

Find a Facility with Climate Control

Not all facilities provide their customers with climate control. Even if you are storing items that may seem relatively resilient to changes in temperature, remember that you may be gone for a very long time. Climate control will generally keep your things in better shape by preventing the stress of extreme temperature changes.

Pack for the Long-Term

Your things should remain undisturbed for the duration of their life in personal storage, but even the way things settle in their containers over time can allow for some wear and damage. Properly wrapping your items and packing the storage containers with packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or newspaper will prevent shifting and dust accumulation.

Consider Your Storage Containers

Cardboard boxes are the go-to containers for a lot of people, but remember that cardboard itself will break down over time, especially if it’s stuffed full of your possessions. If you choose to store your things long-term in cardboard boxes, find or purchase some newer boxes that will hold up over time. Or invest in some plastic bins and totes that won’t age as quickly in personal storage.

The Best in Personal Storage from Affordable Family Storage

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