Keeping Cedar in Your Storage Unit

July 24, 2018

Close-up of cedar balls

When placing your belongings in a storage unit, you want to do everything you can to ensure your things remain in good condition during their stay. Preparing your items correctly and choosing a storage facility that is climate-controlled is certainly one step to protecting your items. However, the other major way you should protect your items is through pest protection and repellent.


Most storage unit renters are hesitant to spray their unit down with dangerous pesticides for good reason. The chemicals used in artificial repellents can be as harmful to your belongings as the pests themselves. Luckily for us, cedar wood is a natural pest repellent that is very effective without the drawbacks of artificial measures. Today, Affordable Family Storage will discuss why cedar balls are a fantastic addition to any storage unit thanks to their repellent ability.

Why Cedar?

The scent of cedar is a natural repellent to most pests that would invade your storage unit. Cedar contains aromatic hydrocarbons (phenols) and acids which are toxic to insects and rodents. The phenols are a natural deterrent, and the acids can even kill off certain pests. When rodents are exposed to cedar mulch or shavings, the hydrocarbons are absorbed through the bloodstream and can damage their livers and lungs. These properties are why cedar is so effective at deterring and repelling the pests that are likely to invade your storage unit. Best of all, instead of the harsh chemical smells of pesticides or mothballs, the natural, earthy scent of cedar wood is quite pleasant.

Do I Need a Pest Repellent?

The fact of the matter is that while storage facilities do everything they can to prevent pests, the nature of the business results in the potential for pests. Since people bring their belongings from their home to their storage unit, pests may be transported with their belongings. As such, it is important that you take steps to protect your individual storage unit. Cedar balls or shavings can help prevent pests at a very low cost. At worst, your belongings are not exposed to pests but have a light cedar smell when you remove them from your storage unit. At best, your belongings are saved from an infestation thanks to an inexpensive investment.

Rent a Storage Unit Today

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