Keep Your Comic Collection Safe in a Storage Unit

January 22, 2018

Storage Unit with Comic Books

Store Your Comic Book Collection in a Storage Unit

People take their collections very seriously, and comic book collections are no different from any other. Not only do these books hold memories for a lot of people, they contain great stories that people really connect to. The rare ones can also be worth a lot of money. If you have a large comic book collection, it can start to take up unneeded space in your home, though. A good solution is keeping some of your collection in a storage unit. Today in the Affordable Family Storage blog, we go over how to properly store a comic book collection in a storage unit.

Get a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

If you take your collection seriously, and you want it to stay in the best condition possible, you should get a climate-controlled storage unit. This will make sure your comic books aren’t exposed to high heat, extreme cold, and humidity. A dark, dry environment will be the best place to store your comics to prevent pages from getting ruined.

Store Your Books Properly

Comic books aren’t extremely fragile, but without proper storage, they can be damaged. The most important thing is that they aren’t constantly exposed to air and light. To protect your comic books, you should get comic book bags to store them in. Which bag you use will depend on if the comic is from the current age, the Silver Age, or the Golden Age. Once you have your entire collection in bags, you should put an acid-free cardboard backing in the bag to prevent the books from creasing. If you have a really rare comic that you want to keep in perfect condition, consider getting a hard case for it. Finally, you’ll want to put your comic books neatly in boxes. The boxes will keep them together and organized. Cardboard should be fine in most cases, but you may want to consider a plastic container for your rare comics. Keep your boxes in a climate-controlled storage unit and you won’t have to worry about them being exposed to light! Just close it up and your books are safe and sound.

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