Items You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Storage Space

February 1, 2018

paint thinner container that should not be kept in a storage space

What Not to Keep in Your Storage Space

Renting a storage space from Affordable Family Storage is a great way to declutter your home and free up some space. Things like seasonal items, clothing, bicycles, furniture, and old books are all perfect candidates for your storage space. Other items, however, are not. Some things could even land you in a bit of trouble if you’re not careful.

While we trust that our customers value their storage experience with us enough not to compromise it, we also want to make sure that they are aware of what should not be kept in our units or any storage unit for that matter. Here is a handful of items that you are best stored at home, most of them in a garage or separate shed.

Volatile Substances

While you may not want extra tanks of gasoline or paint thinner lying around in your garage, you also really shouldn’t keep them in your storage unit. These items often put off noxious fumes that can fill your storage space and upset your storage neighbors. If they are under pressure then they are especially flammable and absolutely should not be kept in your storage space. Other substances besides gasoline and paint thinner which are inappropriate for a storage unit are kerosene, motor oil, fertilizers, and propane.

Live Plants and Animals

We wish this went without saying, but it’s better to be clear. Live plants and animals should not be kept in a storage space because they will simply not have ample enough conditions to live. Plants will be deprived of light and water, causing them to wilt and die. They also leave your unit vulnerable to pests and insects that may be attracted to their moisture. Animals, of course, will be deprived of the same things, with predictably sad results. If you suspect that a storage neighbor may be keeping living plants or animals in their unit, please contact your facility administrator immediately.

Perishable Foods

Many people like to use their storage space as an insurance policy against potential disasters such as tornadoes, fire, or other life-altering events. This is a smart use of a storage space because items like water, canned foods, and dried goods all have very long shelf lives. Perishable foods, however, like produce and refrigerated goods will not fare well in a storage unit. And if they spoil, they could give you even worse problems by attracting pests and giving off malodorous scents. Save you and your neighbors the trouble and keep your perishable foods in a large freezer or refrigerator at home.

Get Your Storage Space at Affordable Family Storage

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