Items to Donate Instead of Keeping in a Storage Unit

March 23, 2018

Woman donating items instead of placing in storage unit

How to Know What to Donate or Toss and What to Store in Your Storage Unit

Often, people who first obtain a storage unit have trouble deciding which of their belongings they should store, which items they should throw away, and which items they should donate. Today, Affordable Family Storage will discuss which items you should get rid of instead of keeping in your storage unit and why.

Items to Donate

Many people look to get rid of old clothes, but in reality, most donation centers have more clothes than they know what do with. Here are some things that could really help those in need that you will likely be better off donating instead of placing into your storage unit:


  • Gently used baby items - When you have a baby, you often accumulate things at an astounding pace. As your child grows, before you know it, you have items that you can no longer use. Baby clothes are one of the few clothing items that someone always needs. Also, toys and things like carriers are always good donations.

  • Kitchen Appliances - If you are anything like us, you have accumulated kitchen appliances that waste away in your cabinet. Things like waffle makers or juicers sound like a good idea when watching QVC, but in reality, they don’t receive much use. Instead, donate these appliances to make room for things you will use.

  • Linens, Blankets, and Towels - Many people do not think of these items for donation and instead throw away them once replacements are obtained. Your blankets, towels, and linens will be a welcome donation to homeless and animal shelters.

Items to Toss

Some items are not needed by donation centers and are not worth selling or storing in your storage unit. These are items that are either overdonated, perishable, or simply not useful, but they can still take up a tremendous amount of space.


  • Clothes that are in bad condition - If you have clothes that are in need of repair, it is generally a better idea to either get rid of them or repurpose the fabric. Donation centers like Goodwill are inundated with clothes that are in bad condition. These can actually waste more of the volunteers’ time sorting and discarding than anything else.

  • Perishable items - Things like old cosmetics and pantry items that have expired just take up storage space. Get rid of these items and enjoy your de-cluttered home.

Items to Place in Your Storage Unit

These items are things that you may not use all year but will want to take out and use at some point in the year.


  • Seasonal Clothing - Lighten up your closet by placing winter clothing and heavy jackets in your storage unit during the warm months. In the winter, store your swimming gear, shorts, and tank tops to free up much-needed space.

  • Seasonal Decorations - Not only do you want to place Christmas, Halloween, and other holiday decorations in your storage unit. You can also organize and store items like heavy blankets in the warm months and paper or plastic cups and utensils that you only use in the summertime.

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