Items That Might be Too Sensitive for Climate-Controlled Storage

February 8, 2018

Climate Controlled Storage and Wine

Things You May Not Want to Store in Climate-Controlled Storage

Although you can keep a lot of things in climate-controlled storage, some things have such specific storage temperatures that it might not be the best choice. Today in the Affordable Family Storage blog, we’ll go over a few things that are a little too sensitive to be stored in climate controlled storage.


If you have a really nice wine collection that has grown a bit too large for your cellar, a climate-controlled storage unit might not be your perfect solution. Wine is very hard to store properly, and you may not be able to manipulate the environment enough to keep them in perfect drinking condition. Wine should be stored at almost exactly 55-degrees Fahrenheit, with specific humidity. Although the humidity and temperature are controlled in a climate-controlled storage unit, it may not be exact enough for your wine. It’s best to get a wine fridge instead to ensure your wine is kept at optimum conditions.

Perishable Foods

Although there’s nothing wrong with keeping canned food and other non-perishable items in your climate-controlled storage unit, you shouldn’t keep perishable food in it. Things like milk, meat, and other items can go bad quickly. This not only causes a smell, it could attract pest animals. For the most part, perishable foods shouldn’t be bought in bulk anyway, unless you have a deep freezer to keep them in.

Expensive Artwork and Antiques

We’re not saying that you absolutely can’t keep your artwork and antiques in a climate-controlled unit, but if it’s very valuable and expensive, you may not want to take any chances. Besides, if you bought an expensive piece, you most likely would want to proudly display it in your home instead of squirreling it away in storage. Plus certain types of artwork and certain antiques have extremely specific storage requirements, that you may not be able to recreate in a normal climate-controlled storage unit.

Choose Affordable Family Storage for Your Climate-Controlled Storage Needs

With all that being said, a climate-controlled storage unit can still meet a wide variety of storage needs. Affordable Family Storage has storage solutions with climate-control and in different sizes. Not sure what storage solution is right for you? Simply use our storage calculator or contact a member of our team for help. We’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect storage unit for your needs. Affordable Family Storage has a unit waiting for you!

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