Items that are Prohibited in a Storage Unit

January 16, 2019

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What Should I Not Keep in My Storage Unit?

While storage units provide security and safety for homeowners’ belongings, not everything can be stored there. In today’s blog, the team at Affordable Family Storage in Council Bluffs discusses prohibited storage unit items.


First, your gun collection can’t be kept in a storage unit. Ammunition, firearms, or explosives need to be stored elsewhere due to the risk of explosion and damage to other people’s items. If you ever have questions about what we allow in our Council Bluffs storage units, get in touch with our staff.

Unregistered Vehicles

All vehicles must be fully registered, insured, and in a viable condition in order to be kept in a storage facility. This includes boats, RVs, trailers, cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Any vehicle that’s not registered by the person renting the space cannot be stored at the facility. Also, most storage facilities will not let you keep over four tires in your unit because of the high cost to get rid of them.

Hazardous Materials and Waste Storage

It will be necessary to find another place to store anything that can catch fire or explode. This includes a number of items, such as propane, gasoline, oil, grease, fireworks, chemicals, radioactive materials, fertilizer, biological waste, and more. If it’s flammable, chemical, corrosive, or has a strong odor, don’t put it in a storage unit.

Cash and Jewelry

Since insurance policies do not cover cash, you’re better off keeping all your spare money at the bank. Your bank will have safe boxes to deposit plenty of cash. It’s best to keep extremely valuable items like jewelry at home as well.

Plants and Animals

Storage units are for non-living things. Plants will wither in a storage unit because they won’t have access to sunlight, water, and food. It’s best to keep them at home or in your office if you have enough space. Also, animals of any kind are off limits.

Contact Affordable Family Storage in Council Bluffs

We’ve identified items that you should avoid storing in a storage unit, but we’re more than happy to safely store anything else you need. Our storage units are a convenient and cost-effective solution to store your belongings and maintain their great condition. Contact us today at (712) 794-4648 or visit the Council Bluffs Affordable Family Storage webpage for more information.

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