How to Store Trading Cards

January 18, 2019

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The Best Supplies for Storing Your Trading Cards

Whether it’s vintage sports cards, Pokemon cards, or something else, collecting trading cards is a fun hobby, particularly when you get rare cards you’ve been eyeing for months. You probably understand the importance of keeping your cards in great condition, but you may wonder how to properly store them.


In today’s blog, the team at Affordable Family Storage in Council Bluffs explains the best supplies and tips for storing your trading cards.

Sort Your Collection

Before storage, it’s important to have your collection in order in case you need to locate a specific card. For sports cards, you could sort by the team first, then by the player (all players for one team would go together). Within each team, sort the players in alphabetical order. For game cards, you could sort by color or creature, depending on your collection.

Binders or Storage Boxes

To contain your cards, you can store them in binders or boxes. Binders (also called albums) allow you to flip through the pages to admire your cards or show them to friends. However, binders can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you have a massive collection. We recommend boxes for safely storing as many cards as possible. With folded cardboard boxes, you’ll not only save money but also conserve space, as the specially designed ones may come in an 800 count.

Plastic Sleeves

Binders feature built-in plastic sleeves to protect each card, but boxes do not have sleeves.

Plastic sleeves will protect your cards from dirt and moisture while they’re in storage. For an effective and inexpensive storage method, consider individual plastic card sleeves.

Top Loaders

Trading card top loaders are another great option for preserving, displaying, and storing your cards. These individual plastic holders come in virtually any size you need.   

Plastic Cases

Clear plastic cases are good because they allow easy storage of multiple sports cards at once. Cases come in many different sizes and can secure anywhere from 5 to several hundred cards.

Climate Control

Garages can get pretty humid during warmer months, and humid weather can make your cards damp. While you could probably find room on a shelf or in a closet at home, it’s best to choose a climate-controlled self-storage unit from Affordable Family Storage. The temperature and humidity in our units stay within a safe range to keep your cards in prime condition. With climate controlled storage, you also keep your cards away from direct sunlight.


In addition to increasing the monetary value, when you safeguard your card collection you can enjoy how good it looks and pass it along to future generations.

Choose Self Storage in Council Bluffs

Our self-storage units in Council Bluffs are the perfect place for storing your large baseball card collection or other trading cards. To reserve your unit, contact Affordable Family Storage today.


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