How To Store Graphic Novels

January 12, 2019

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Tips For Storing Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are exciting, packed with action and chaos! Storing your graphic novels shouldn’t be a fight, however. In this blog, Affordable Family Storage Ozark explains how you can store your graphic novel collection with confidence! 

Shelve It

If you have an extensive collection of graphic novels, you can use a bookshelf or bookshelves to organize your collections. It’s smart to invest in bookshelves with adjustable shelves so that your graphic novels can fit the shelves properly. Consider storing your novels in acid-free plastic baggies before putting them on the shelf, thus protecting them from dust. 

Smart Storage 

Keep your graphic novels in an environment that is free of moisture. Moisture can cause severe damage to your graphic novels. Mold, swelling, and even bleeding ink can occur if your items are stored in a space that is not moisture-free. Make sure that your storage unit is secure to protect your valuable collection. 

Know What’s Where

Make sure that you employ some sort of organizational tactic as you move forward. Use the new storage unit as an excuse to inventory your items. Write down what you have, what condition it is in, and make sure that you detail any damage. Some collectors store their items by title, author, or series. You get to customize your organizational solution to whatever works best for you. 

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