How to Prepare Deck Furniture for a Storage Unit

May 25, 2018

Using a Storage Unit for Your Deck Furniture

Deck furniture after being removed from a storage unit.

During the summer months, your deck or patio furniture gets a lot of use. However, as soon as the months shorten and the weather starts to get nasty, you may want to consider moving your furniture to a storage unit. This is doubly true for deck and patio furniture that is made of wood or cloth. To ensure that your deck furniture remains in good condition during the winter months in Des Moines, follow these steps to prepare your furniture for a storage unit.

Clean Your Furniture Thoroughly

Your first step when preparing your furniture for a storage unit is to clean it. Deck and patio furniture can easily get dirty as you do yard work. This can quickly develop into mold or mildew when placed into a dark storage room. After you have cleaned your furniture, allow it to dry in the sun before you move them to your storage unit. Again, moisture is the enemy. Prevent mold or mildew by drying everything thoroughly.

Apply a Coat to Your Furniture

Giving your furniture a protective coat will not only protect it during its time in storage but will also provide protection to the wood year-round. A simple wax will do the job for plastic or aluminum pieces, while wood paste wax or Tung oil should be used for your wood furniture.

Cover Your Furniture Before Placing it in Your Storage Unit

Providing exterior protection from dust and dirt can ensure that your furniture will remain clean while in storage. If you want to go all out, you can likely find a custom cover for your furniture that will protect it even when out during the warm months. However, simple sheets will do a fine job while in your storage unit. Anything to prevent dust from settling on your furniture will make your job easier when it is time to bring your furniture back out.

Launder Cloth Covers

If your cushions have removable cloth covers, it can be a good idea to run them through the laundry with a little bleach, if the label allows, to kill any mildew. You can also wash items like rope or cloth hammocks and umbrella fabric. With any material, make sure that the label says it is safe for a washer before laundering it.

In Need of a Storage Unit?

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