How To Pack Your Clocks For Storage

January 13, 2019

Clock hanging on the wall next to shelves

How To Correctly Store Clocks In Storage

Clocks have become a staple in home decor and in our daily routines. Putting them in storage can be difficult and confusing since they come with so many parts. Storing a clock incorrectly can cause parts to rust, break, or make the clock unusable. Affordable Family Storage in Billings, MO has some great tips on how to prepare your clock for storage.

Take The Clock Apart And Wrap Individual Pieces

If you’re planning to store your clock for a long period of time, it’s important that you take it apart. Keeping the pieces inside your clock for too long and while it is not in use can cause the clock to break or the parts to rust. The steps you should take to take your clock apart are:


  1. First take the batteries out of your clock and wrap them separately in bubble wrap or newspaper.

  2. If there is a glass dome on your clock, remove it and wrap it in newspaper to absorb any shock, then wrap it in bubble wrap. Place the entire thing in a sturdy box that won’t allow the dome to move.

  3. If your clock contains pendulums, remove and wrap these with bubble wrap or tissue paper.

  4. Set the entire package aside and store it last.

Don’t Stack Anything On Top of It

Clocks are very fragile so they need to be stored last out of all your belongings. Be sure to place it appropriately in your storage unit so nothing can fall on it or break. Do not place any other boxes or containers on top of it since clocks are very fragile. If heavy objects are placed on top of it, the dome of the clock could break or warp over time. Keep your clock in a place away from other boxes or in the clear of any heavy objects around it.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage is ideal for clocks since extreme heat or cold can damage a clock’s parts. Look for any indoor facility with an ideal room temperature so you can be sure your clock won’t warp or break after being packed. Check with your storage facility to see what temperature their facility is kept at so you can be sure your clock is safe from temperature damage.

Affordable Family Storage Can Care For Your Needs

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