How to Pack and Store a Painting

January 17, 2019

Painting of the Rocky mountains in an antique frame

Affordable Family Storage: Advice for Packing and Storing a Painting

Few collectibles compare to the value of a cherished painting.

Whether you’re moving to a new home, selling a piece of art, or simply looking for storage space, it’s vital that you know how to properly pack and store your painting to ensure it remains safe.


In a previous blog, we covered creative storage solutions for painters. Today, the Affordable Family Storage team in Council Bluffs talks about a similar topic - how to pack and store a finished painting.

What You Don’t Want

When preparing to pack, move, and store a painting, the biggest risks are as follows:


‚Äč• Breakages, tears, loose and missing elements
• Visible fingerprints on polished surfaces 
• Stains and marks from skin contact, food, or smoke
• Conditions that could attract pests or 
• Environmental damage, such as water or sun exposure


Sometimes accidents happen, however, with careful handling and some planning you can store your painting safely. Plan ahead and avoid risks, with the safe self-storage units available at Affordable Family Storage.

How to Pack Your Painting

The first step when packing your painting is to wrap it in plastic for cleanliness and protection. Then place the painting into a close-fitting, sturdy waterproof box. It’s important to fill any empty space with bubble wrap to avoid bouncing during transit. Finally, seal the whole box shut with packing tape.  

How to Store Your Painting

When storing your painting, proceed with diligence, gentleness, and care just as you did during the packing and transporting.

Choose Climate Controlled Storage

Attics and basements tend to get too dry or too damp, which may damage your artwork. Instead, opt for space with moderate humidity and consistent temperatures. It’s best to store your painting in a climate controlled unit from Affordable Family Storage.

Use a Rack

Be aware that frames can absorb dampness from concrete. You can use a rack to keep the artwork off the ground, and lay your painting on a flat surface instead of stacking your artwork on top of other items.

Keep It Away from the Sun

Direct sunlight can dim your painting’s colors, so keep it covered with an acid-free cloth or use the same travel packaging.

Self Storage is the Safest Option

If you live in the Council Bluffs area, Affordable Family Storage is the optimal place to store your paintings and other valuables. To learn more about our state-of-the-art facility and how it can be the perfect storage solution for you, contact us today at 712-794-4648.

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