How to Organize a Storage Unit

January 30, 2018

Tips for Organizing a Storage Unit

Organized storage unit

A disorganized storage unit can be a nightmare. When you are trying to find something you need, the last thing you want is the hassle of spending hours at the storage facility, moving boxes, and rifling through your possessions. To save yourself some future trouble, take the time now to organize your belongings. For guidance, Affordable Family Storage provides some tips for organizing your storage unit.

Group Similar Items Into Boxes

This tip may seem obvious, but it is easily overlooked during the hectic process of moving. When you are packing up your things for your storage unit, be sure to group similar items together and place them in the same box. This will help you label your boxes and find what you need in the future.

Label Each Box

Before moving your belongings into a storage unit, label each box clearly. At Affordable Family Storage, we recommend writing out the contents of the box and the room it came from. For large moving projects, you might consider investing in a label-maker for further organization.

Use Clear, Plastic Tubs Instead of Boxes

Cardboard boxes may be convenient and cost-effective for moving, but they are not necessarily the best option for storage. Instead of boxes, use clear, plastic tubs which allow you to clearly see your belongings and quickly find what you need. Although plastic tubs are a bit of an investment, they are worth it in the long-run.

Create a Map

In large storage units, it can be difficult to remember where you placed certain boxes. A simple trip to the storage facility may take hours as you rifle through your unit in search of what you need. Save yourself some time by drawing a map. This doesn’t need to be anything artistic or technical – a simple, rough sketch will work fine. Just give yourself a basic idea of your unit’s layout to save yourself some future trouble.

Upgrade to a Larger Storage Unit

Sometimes, as much as you organize, your storage unit still feels like a complete mess. If this is the case, consider upgrading to a larger unit. With a little extra space, your unit will feel less cluttered and cramped and you can clear up some walking room, making it easier to find what you need.

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