How to Make Using a Storage Unit as Easy as Possible

April 23, 2018

Storage Unit: Keeping Things Easy

man uses handcart to make moving to Affordable Family Storage unit easier

Moving things into a storage unit is nowhere near the Herculean feat of moving homes or apartments. Even still, if you’re someone who’s storing a household’s worth of stuff before you leave for a trip, then it may not be far off. Even a day of moving a few heavy items can feel like quite a haul.

But when you choose to store your stuff in a storage unit at a reliable storage facility like Affordable Family Storage, we do everything we can to save you some valuable time and energy. We understand that moving day is really all about taking your friends out for pizza afterward, so by providing a number of amenities that save your back and schedule, we help you keep a little extra in the tank.

Below, Affordable Family Storage offers 3 tips you can use to make loading your storage unit a breeze.

Take Advantage of Drive-Up Storage

Few things are worse than pulling up to your storage facility with a truck bed full of furniture only to find out that there’s no drive-up access. Affordable Family Storage in Jefferson City, MO offers access ramps and drive-up access to your storage unit, which saves you the hassle of a long haul from the parking lot.

In our facility, you can drive straight to where you need to store your things, so there’s no gauntlet of hazards between you and your storage unit.

Get Reliable Storage Supplies

We know how it goes: moving day comes around and you’re still packing. All the boxes you have came from the local grocery store the day before, and some of them aren’t as sturdy as you need. Affordable Family Storage offers you the packing and moving supplies you need to give you safe and easy storage. Whether you need extra boxes or extra tape, a marker or some labels, we’ve got you. Just visit the facility’s main office and we’ll be happy to hook you up.

Use Dollies and Handcarts

Sometimes your friends just aren’t so keen on helping you move your stuff to a storage unit. And when you’re storing things like an armoire, desk, table, or entertainment center, you might need all the extra hands you can get. Affordable Family Storage in Jeff City offers you dollies and handcarts to make your life easier. So even if a few of your crew drop out at the last minute, you’ll still be able to make the move comfortably.

Get a Storage Unit with Affordable Family Storage

We really want to take care of our customers, which is why we make storing your things so easy at our facilities. Our priorities are in our name, and we hope you’ll trust us to provide your storage solutions. Reserve your unit online today or contact us with any questions you have.


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