How to Keep Pests Out of Your Storage Space

December 8, 2017

empty storage space cleared for pest control

Keep Your Storage Space Pest-Free

One of the biggest benefits of storing your stuff with Affordable Family Storage is our layered security. From security cameras to gated and locked facilities and more, Affordable Family makes sure that your items are kept protected from anyone who might want to go poking around in your valuables.

But what about intruders so small that they can access your things undetected? While we do our absolute best to ensure that our facilities are clean and well-maintained, there are some measures you can take to help us keep your storage space pest-free. Here, we offer some basic tips that you can follow to prevent bugs, rodents, and other pests from damaging your valuable goods.

Inspect Your Things Before Storage

We keep our facilities in great shape, but just as the Trojans knew, one of the easiest ways to get past the enemy’s defenses is to hide inside a valuable item. If you already have a pest problem, or if you have already been storing a blanket or comforter for a year or two in the back of a closet, it is possible that the item may already have critters crawling around in it. Before you wad it up and throw it into a box, unfold it, shake it out, and inspect it for any bugs. Do the same for any other items you’re putting into storage. Items like old dishes, for instance, may not be crawling with nasty critters, but any food residue can attract unwanted visitors. Be sure that everything you place into storage is clean and free of dirt and grime.

Consider Your Storage Containers

While cardboard boxes are the most easily accessible storage containers, they are not always the best for keeping critters away from your things. Rodents and bugs will be able to chew their way the cardboard, but plastic totes with locking lids create strong seals that will shut out any intruders. You should also consider how you store your things. Using mothballs with your quilts and blankets will deter moths from making their homes in your family heirlooms, and placing traps around the edge of your storage space can stop flies and rodents.

Check Your Storage Space Often

While it may seem like a hassle, if you have a number of valuable items stored in your storage space, be sure to check it often to see that no pests are making their homes among your things. You don’t have to come by every day, but maybe once a month. After a few months of no issues, you may feel comfortable leaving your things for longer periods of time, which should be fine.

Rent a Storage Space With Us, Affordable Family Storage

Not only does Affordable Family Storage provide clean and secure facilities, but our Jefferson City location is also climate-controlled, meaning that your things won’t be subjected to the wild temperature fluctuations of the Midwest. Critters won’t wander inside seeking shelter from harsh colds, which is another major bonus. To get your own storage space with Affordable Family Storage, visit our Jeff City page. Or, for tips on prepping your things for storage, check out our storage tips!

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