How to Free Storage Unit Space for Money

September 10, 2018

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How to Free Up Storage Unit Space and Make Money

Imagine how neat and orderly your storage unit could be if you simply were able to part ways with items that you are never going to use in the foreseeable future. We’re not talking about things that simply need to be thrown away or items that you will likely break out of storage in the near future. But items that are valuable not just to you. Things like that couch you have had for a decade too long, or those golf clubs that are simply gathering dust.

If you have been putting off cleaning out your storage unit because you don’t want to throw away perfectly good items, why not turn around and make a few bucks on them instead? Today, Affordable Family Storage will discuss exactly how you should free up storage unit space and make money at the same time.

Start by Taking an Inventory

Your very first step for cleaning out your storage unit should be taking a thorough inventory of the items you have in storage. If you have been diligently tracking the items you place in your unit this is made all the more simple. Once you have a list of everything you have stored over the years it is time to divide the items into categories.


First, decide whether or not that item holds any value for you. Can you imagine a situation that could arise where you simply NEED the items you have in storage? If the answer is no, and we reckon that applies to more items than you think, than separate those belongings into the ‘for sale’ section. Once you have decided which items to sell, it can be useful to move them into more specific categories. Categories would include:


  • Clothes - Separate your clothing into two piles, valuable and dispensable. For expensive items such as designer handbags or shoes, you can often sell these on specialty websites such as Tradesy and Poshmark. Items that are in high demand or are simply still high quality can fetch a surprising price if you are patient. For less expensive, disposable items, there are many consignment chains such as Plato’s Closet that will be happy to re-sell your items for a discounted price. While you won’t get as much at a consignment shop, it is still better than nothing and requires much less legwork.

  • Electronics - Take that old digital camera or gaming system that you haven’t touched in years and look online. Sites like Gazelle and Buy Back World are great options for flipping those old items that still have some value for cash. If you are simply looking to offload electronics as quickly and easily as possible, try Amazon Trade-in to sell your items directly to Amazon in return for Amazon gift cards.

  • Furniture - Lastly, furniture can be sold in a number of ways. If you are looking to quickly move an item out of your storage unit, try Craigslist. People will often even come pick up your item and you can make a few bucks in the process. If you have more expensive pieces that you simply don’t use or have room for, consider Etsy. It’s not just for handcrafted trinkets, many people also use it for vintage or collectible furniture sales.

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