How To Clean Stored Vinyls

January 9, 2019

A person cleans a vinyl record using a special brush

Tips For Cleaning Stored Records

If you are a collector of vinyl albums, chances are you have some hidden away in storage somewhere. If you are planning on breaking those bad boys out of storage, you are going to make sure that you are cleaning them successfully before they receive any plays. You wouldn’t want to damage your vinyl records or your record player! This blog from Affordable Family Storage Ozark explains how you can clean your stored vinyl without fear of damage! 

Cleaning Seems Easy, Right?

If your albums have been in storage for a while, then they may have some dirt, dust, or additional buildup that needs to be removed. Excess buildup can cause unpleasant noise or damage to the record. Do not run the record under tap water and dry it off with a paper towel, that simply won’t work, and can hurt the label. Do not use spray cleaners that are lying around your laundry room or kitchen. These can cause more harm than good! Do not use alcohol. Alcohol can negatively impact your records, causing damage to the protective coating that prevents damage to your record. Now that we have covered the ground rules, let’s move on to some helpful tips! 

How Can You Clean Them Safely?

Want a cheap and easy cleaning solution? Microfiber cloths can cost as little as a dollar and can be used to remove dust and surface level material from your albums. Cleaning brushes help offer a quick and deep clean. These brushes can get into the grooves of the record, while the anti-static bristles attract dust, dirt, and debris! When in doubt, use an anti-static brush or pad to pick up the excess dirt. Don’t rely on cleaning solutions, and don’t worry about buying a super expensive professional record cleaner. 

Looking For A Safe Storage Solution? 

If you are looking for a safe storage solution for your records, look no farther than Affordable Family Storage Ozark. With competitive pricing, different size options, and climate control, you can be sure that you are finding the right storage unit to suit your needs! Contact us today!


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