How to Build Shelves for Your Storage Unit

March 15, 2018

Storage shelves built in a storage unit

Building Shelves for Your Storage Unit

A disorganized, cluttered storage unit is almost as bad as not having a storage unit at all. It makes it increasingly difficult to get in and retrieve your belongings, let alone even assess what you have in storage in the first place.

Building shelves for your storage unit is a great way to make the most of your storage space and ensure that it stays organized and clean for easier access to your belongings. If you know you need an organization solution for your storage unit but you’re not sure where to start, here are a few helpful tips.

Assess Your Needs

First and foremost, you will need to accurately assess your current needs. Do you have a lot of small objects that can be stored in bins on shelves? Do you need to organize your belongings in a way that makes them easier to retrieve quickly and efficiently? Is your primary goal to get your belongings off the ground of your storage unit? Asking yourself these questions may help you get a better idea of what you need and want in regards to organizational solutions for your storage unit.

Keep Your Space In Mind

Depending on the size of your storage unit, you may need to adjust the size of your shelving units. Make sure to measure your unit if you’re unsure exactly how big it is, as you don’t want to over or underestimate the amount of space you have for your shelves.

Choose Your Materials Carefully

Some, but not all, of our storage units are temperature-controlled, which may affect the type of materials you choose to use to build your shelves. Some options for materials include particle board, wood, plastic, and cardboard. Depending on the type of storage unit you have, you’ll need to decide which materials are best.

Make a Plan and Get Help If Needed

There are plenty of DIY storage shelf instructions on Pinterest and elsewhere on the internet. Once you find instructions on how to build your shelves, you may want to create a budget, shopping list for the materials you will need, and then enlist some help, especially if you’re not the most crafty person.

Contact Affordable Family Storage for Your Storage Needs

Making your own shelves for your storage unit isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds. Although it does require some planning and a minor financial commitment, you’ll likely find that the addition of shelves to your storage unit allows for much better organization and use of the storage space you have.

If you need an affordable storage solution, contact Affordable Family Storage today to learn more about our storage unit options and prices.

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