How Self-Storage Can Benefit Teachers

March 16, 2018

Teacher in need of self-storage space

Self-Storage for Teachers

If you’re a teacher, you no doubt have a need for extra storage. Many teachers don’t have room in their classrooms or homes to store all the extra supplies, props, and classroom decorations they use over the course of a year. This makes self-storage not only extremely beneficial but also essential.


If you’re considering investing in a self-storage solution, here are a few things to consider.

Ways to Utilize Self-Storage as a Teacher

Math, English, History teachers and more can clear the clutter from their classrooms by storing things like project supplies, paper, textbooks, and binders. Art, music, and gym teachers may also benefit greatly from self-storage solutions due to the sheer number of supplies they utilize on a daily and yearly basis.


For example, a gym teacher may make great use of self-storage by using it to store sports equipment, floor mats, and weights. A music teacher, on the other hand, may have a serious need for climate-controlled storage to safely store musical instruments and sheet music.


Self-storage may also be a great solution for summertime breaks or winter break when teachers need a place to store the items from their classrooms. Some teachers may not be permitted to store things in their classrooms during these breaks or they may be moved to a different classroom over the summertime, leaving them with a lack of storage space in which to keep their classroom supplies and decor.

Important Amenities for Self-Storage

As a teacher, there are three important amenities you should look for when investing in self-storage.


  1. Climate control - Items like textbooks, musical instruments, and art supplies all tend to be very sensitive to extreme heat, cold, and/or moisture. As a result, most teachers will need a climate-controlled self-storage solution that will keep their belongings safe and sound until they are needed in the classroom.

  2. Security - Security is important for any self-storage solution, as you’ll want to make sure your items are safe and secure at all times. Teachers seeking self-storage solutions should seek out storage facilities with working locks, gated access, and security cameras to ensure clients’ property is securely stored at all times.

  3. 24-hour access - Many teachers find themselves working long hours preparing for projects, holidays, and other events at school. Sometimes this may require a trip to the storage unit to grab last-minute supplies. In instances like these, it’s very important for teachers to have 24-hour access to their self-storage unit.

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