How Climate-Controlled Storage Benefits Hobbyists

April 21, 2018

Climate-Controlled Storage for Hobbyists

person works on electric model car before returning it to climate-controlled storage

You probably know an avid hobbyist, or maybe you are one yourself. While hobbyists and collectors are not exactly the same, it is true that many hobbyists tend to amass collections of their own. This may be a collection of model cars they’ve built, wood they’ve worked, canvases they’ve painted, or whatever else lets them blow off a little steam and gets their creative mind working.

And, as anyone living on a budget or whose hobby consumes a lot of their time knows, finding a place to store all of your materials and finished products can quickly leave you needing in-home storage solutions. Bypass the hassle and clutter in your home by choosing climate-controlled storage from Affordable Family Storage in Council Bluffs, IA.


But what makes climate-controlled storage the go-to choice for hobbyists and collectors alike? Here, AFS shares the answers.

Save Space

The primary reason to store your gadgets in a storage unit is simply to save space in your home. Your hobby may not be taking up too much space right now, but what happens in another year when you’ve made even more quilts, built more life-sized Lego presidents, painted more scenic vistas, or carved another masterpiece? If you take a minute to exercise some foresight, it’s easy to see how things can build up. And if you aren’t ready to start selling the products of your hard work, then a storage unit is the way to go.

Save Your Products & Materials

When you choose climate-controlled storage with Affordable Family Storage in Council Bluffs, you get the utmost in storage space quality. Because our units are climate-controlled, you don’t have to worry about extreme temperatures negatively affecting the quality of your stored items. So whether you’re into woodwork, clay modeling, or painting, your things will remain always at a moderate temperature and generally away from intense humidity.

Protect Your Projects

Climate-controlled storage units at Council Bluffs are located in an interior facility. This means that not only will they experience more steady temperatures year-round but they’ll be much better protected and secured, too. Our facilities are monitored by video 24-hrs a day, too, so your important hobby items will be safe and sound.

Climate-Controlled Storage for Hobbyists in Council Bluffs, IA

Let Affordable Family Storage be your go-to climate-controlled storage for your hobbies. Whether you collect classic cars, paint figurines, sculpt, fish, or love model trains, we’ve got a storage space suitable for any size of collection. Call us today or reserve your unit online to get started!


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