How a Storage Unit Benefits Doomsday Preppers

February 27, 2018

Jars and canned food ready for storage unit.

How Doomsday Preppers Benefit from Renting a Storage Unit

Are you worried about the fall of modern civilization? Do you suspect imminent disaster is right around the corner? Maybe you just want to be prepared for the worst case scenario at all times? Do you have more industrial-sized cans of food than you know what to do with? If you said yes to these questions you may be a “Doomsday prepper.” While many people imagine preppers as people obsessed with zombie movies, the reality is the vast majority just want to be ready in case of natural disaster or a collapsing infrastructure. Many members of the prepper community believe that a storage unit near your home is a key component of preparation. Learn how a storage unit at Affordable Family Storage can benefit anyone interested in “Doomsday Prep.”

Advantage of Storing Your Prepping Supplies in a Storage Unit

Those who are serious about prepping are never finished collecting supplies that could be key to survival. Whether it is tools, medical supplies, or canned food, preparation supplies can take up a massive amount of space. Even a 5x5 storage unit can hold a tremendous amount of supplies. For instance, imagine you filled 15”x15”x15” boxes with supplies. That could include tools, clothing, canned food, or whatever else you may need. You could actually fit 50+ boxes into a 5x5 storage space, our smallest storage unit. You could use the newly free space in your home for more supplies, or simply enjoy a less cluttered home.

Another major advantage to renting a storage unit for prepping supplies is that you are diversifying your collection. If a catastrophe like a housefire were to strike, the supplies stored in your home would likely be destroyed. Having a second location with supplies allows you to have a backup location if the need for a backup plan arises.

Supplies to Keep in a Storage Unit

The list of supplies recommended by preppers is extensive. Canned food, water, medical supplies, and shelter all top the list of items you would need immediately. However, you also want to keep in mind supplies that would be needed for extended sustainability. Items like farming equipment, seeds, canning supplies, tools, gas masks, reference materials, and communication devices all could be essential for a Doomsday survival scenario. Many of these items are perfect for a climate-controlled storage unit like those offered by Affordable Family Storage. With the controlled temperature and humidity levels you would not have to worry about extreme temperature or humidity ruining your survival supplies.

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