Home Owner’s Insurance And Your Stored Items

January 3, 2019

Home owner’s insurance paper cutouts

Home Owner’s Insurance And Your Storage Unit

If you are storing items and you have a home owner’s insurance policy, your items might be covered in the case of theft or damage. In this blog, Affordable Family Storage Topeka provides more information about home owner’s insurance and stored items.

Why Would Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Storage Unit Items?

Your stored items can still be at risk. Fires, theft, and flooding could affect your stored items just as easily as these issues could affect your in-home items. Chances are that your insurance company understands that, and has built it into their homeowner’s insurance policy for you. Many storage facilities want you to take out a specific amount of insurance before you can rent from them.

How Can You Tell If Your Homeowner’s Insurance Extends To Stored Items?

Look over any information you have regarding your current homeowner’s insurance policy. If you have questions, contact your insurance agent and speak with them about if it is possible to add your stored items to your homeowner’s insurance policy so that they can be covered and insured. Remember, storing your items in a storage unit that is secure is a great way to avoid loss of property, but that insuring items adds an additional level of protection.

Contact Affordable Family Storage Topeka Today!

If you are looking for a secure storage unit that works with for your budget, contact Affordable Family Storage Topeka today! Your items will be kept in a climate controlled storage unit that helps to prevent damage.

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