Getting Your Antiques Ready for Your Storage Unit

February 20, 2018

Antiques on display in a storage unit

Preparing Fragile Antiques for Your Storage Unit in Topeka

With their charm and beauty, antiques make excellent additions to any home. Their craftsmanship provides unique insight into the past and their historical significance and collectibility can make them extremely valuable at auctions. If you are planning to move your antiques to a storage unit, be sure to take precaution to avoid potential damage. In this blog, Affordable Family Storage in Topeka, Kansas discusses some ways that you can prepare your antiques for storage.

Wrap Fragile Items

Fragile antique items, such as mirrors, artwork, and lamps, should be covered in protective wrapping before you place them in a storage unit. Protective wrapping can include bubble wrap or even boxes filled with packing peanuts. If you are feeling thrifty and environmentally-friendly, you can also wrap fragile items in old blankets or sheets. Just make sure anything easily-breakable has a thick, protective layer to prevent damage during the process of moving.

Cover Furniture

Antique furniture, particularly upholstered furniture, should be covered in sheets before you move it into your storage unit. When furniture sits in storage, it is likely to collect dust, even if it is just for a few months. If the dust settles, it can damage the furniture’s quality. Protective coverings ensure your antique items are safe, no matter how long they sit at the storage facility.  

Prepare Leather and Wood

Some antique items require additional preparation before placing them in your storage unit. Wood furniture, for example, should be sprayed with high-quality furniture polish before moving day. Leather furniture should be given a coating of leather conditioner as well. By taking a few extra precautions, you ensure that your antiques remain in pristine condition.

Organize Carefully

In a storage unit, antiques should be arranged with extra care. Avoid stacking furniture on top of each other and placing fragile items near walkways and other areas where they can be easily damaged. For artwork and mirrors, lay them horizontally against a wall. This will prevent them from falling and breaking while they sit in storage.

Choose a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Climate-controlled storage is the way to go for antiques. In a climate-controlled unit, you ensure that your items are safe from the damaging effects of weather and temperature changes. At Affordable Family Storage in Topeka, Kansas, our storage facility is completely temperature-controlled, giving you the peace of mind that your antiques are safe and sound.

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