General Storage Unit Solutions from the Pros

December 23, 2018

Couple Storing Boxes in Storage Unit

Top Tips for General Storage Unit Solutions

At Affordable Family Storage in Omaha, we are proud to serve our community by providing the best storage solutions around. That means great customer service, state-of-the-art facilities, and helpful information and advice. In today’s blog, we gathered some of the best general use storage tips for you! Read on to learn some general storage unit tips from the pros at Affordable Family Storage.

Floor Covering

Before you begin moving items into your storage unit, store like a pro and start with the right kind of floor covering. Your best options will be durable, water-resistant, and sized to fit the whole floor surface in the storage unit. Plastic tarps and canvas painter’s tarps are both great choices. The right floor covering can protect your items for secure long-term storage.


The right shelving solutions can add huge amounts of storage space, even for smaller storage units. Make sure your shelving is sturdy, ideally made of metal, wood or rugged plastic. Ensure your shelving is placed securely in the storage unit, so it won’t tip over even when fully weighed down with stored items. Keep your valuable personal items safe and secure with sturdy shelving.

Acid Free Paper

Careful packing often requires wrapping and padding delicate items before they go into the storage container. But did you know that not all wrapping materials are safe for long-term storage? You may be tempted to reach for old newspaper to wrap and pad your items, but you might be making a mistake.


Many paper products such as newspaper and cardboard contain small levels of acid in their composition, which can damage delicate items such as silverware, fine china, photos and artwork. If your packing materials will be in direct contact with the stored items, choose materials that are acid-free for safe and long-lasting storage.

Sturdy Waterproof Containers

Perhaps the most important tip for using your storage unit like a pro, sturdy waterproof containers are the best way to protect your items in a convenient and durable way. Rugged plastic containers are best because they protect effectively against water, condensation, dirt, dust and pests.


When choosing your waterproof container, make sure to pick one with a tight-fitting lid, but make sure that it isn’t airtight! Sealing delicate items such as silverware, artwork or electronics in an airtight container can cause condensation to build up and damage your items.

Climate Control

At Affordable Family Storage, our first priority is protecting your valuable belongings, and that’s why we offer excellent climate controlled storage units. Our climate controlled units regulate air temperature, humidity levels, dust and debris. If you are storing electronics, clothing, artwork, or family heirlooms, climate controlled storage is highly recommended.

Choose Affordable Family Storage

At Affordable Family Storage, we work every day to be your choice for storage in Omaha. We hope that informative blogs like this are helpful to our customers, whether they are making a big cross-country move or they are just storing dorm furniture over summer vacation. Reach out to the friendly team at Affordable Family Storage and let us provide the perfect storage solution, whatever your situation might be.

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