Garage Decluttering Tips from Affordable Family Storage

February 10, 2018

cluttered garage needs storage solutions from Affordable Family Storage

Declutter Your Garage with These Tips from Affordable Family Storage

A garage really is a good place for storage. Even with a few cars inside, many of them still have room for things like a workbench, a large freezer, maybe a lawn mower or some tools, a bike or two, some sports equipment, or some seasonal items. But eventually, it all starts to add up. And even if your garage can handle all these items does not mean that it’s the best or most aesthetically-appealing use of your space. In fact, many people end up storing so much stuff in their garages that they have to start parking the car in the driveway. Depending on where you live and in what climate, this could pose some real issues for your vehicle. Residents of Jefferson City know all too well how the weather here can change in a blink, so read on for advice from Affordable Family Storage.

Decluttering your garage is a good idea once you get to this point, but the task may seem daunting. Mountains of boxes can be a pain to rifle through, especially if they’ve been tossed haphazardly into a corner without a proper label to identify their contents. We at Affordable Family Storage know the struggle. That’s why we provide the people of the Jefferson City area with affordable storage solutions. And with our expertise in storage, we know a thing or two about organizing and arranging to maximize space. Here Affordable Family Storages shares some tips for decluttering your garage.

Give Yourself Ample Time to Sort

Organizing your garage can really be a weekend project if you’ve been letting the clutter pile up for a long time. Setting aside a weekend is a good way to give yourself enough time to finish the job. As you’re sorting through all the mess, there may be a lot of items that you simply aren’t sure about. It’s a good idea to involve your family members, too, so you don’t end up ditching something that someone else was hoping to keep. Ultimately, your goal should be to sort things into simple groupings – such as things to keep, things to throw away or donate, and, if you have enough stuff, things to put into storage.

Once your things are sorted you can begin prepping some of them for storage and getting your garage ready for proper organization.

Visualize the Space

Your items are sorted and you have thrown out or donated some things. Your garage should be looking a little less cluttered already. Now you need to be prepping your storage items by cleaning them up if necessary, boxing them and labeling them. When packing items, consider sorting them even further. Seasonal items can all be packed together, as can sports equipment, tools, or miscellaneous items. You should also start visualizing how you want your garage to look. Maybe it’s time to install some new shelving or put in a workbench if you don’t already have one.

Implement Your Plan

Finally, it’s time to haul things off to storage, situate everything in your garage, and maybe give the garage floor a good cleaning. When all is said and done, you should be looking at a cleaner, more organized garage.

Get the Best in Storage with Affordable Family Storage

We at Affordable Family Storage are happy to help our friends in Jefferson City and the surrounding areas store their extra stuff. To make it all a little easier, Affordable Family Storage is conveniently located at 2601 Industrial Dr. We keep dollies, handcarts, and ramps available at all times so that you have the tools you need to get the job done. We also offer a storage calculator which allows you to gauge beforehand what size unit will suit you best. For the best in storage solutions, choose Affordable Family Storage.

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