Downsizing Your Home in Topeka With Self-Storage

February 10, 2018

Downsizing with self-storage

Using Self-Storage to Downsize Your Home in Topeka

Whether you are interested in reducing your mortgage, lowering your utility bills, or simplifying your lifestyle, downsizing your home offers a wealth of benefits. Unfortunately, downsizing means that you will have to declutter your home, part with some of your possessions, and find new storage solutions. This is why so many people turn to a self-storage. Affordable Family Storage in Topeka, Kansas offers a variety of convenient self-storage solutions, all at affordable prices. If you are planning to downsize, here are some reasons to rent a storage unit.

Store Occasionally-Used Items

The biggest challenge of downsizing is figuring out where to store the important items that you only use on occasion. Take holiday decorations, for example – you only use them for a couple months, so you need a place to keep them the rest of the year. In a smaller home, you may not have enough storage space for decorations, which is why many people turn to self-storage. With a storage unit, you can put away important items like your holiday decorations without cluttering your new home.

Heirlooms and Sentimental Items

It can be difficult to part with sentimental items when you are moving to a smaller home. Whether it’s a childhood memento, old family photos, or your grandmother’s jewelry collection, some items simply cannot be thrown away or given to charity. With self-storage, you can ensure that your important possessions are safe and sound. At Affordable Family Storage in Topeka, Kansas, our storage facility is temperature-controlled, so you can keep your items in pristine condition until you decide you need them in the future.

Important Documents

When downsizing, many people use a storage unit to store important documents. Some documents, such as car titles, W-2 forms, tax returns, and medical records, should be kept indefinitely. In a smaller home, you may not have the space for filing cabinets or boxes full of paperwork, which is where self-storage comes in handy.

Items with Future Uses

If you have children or grandchildren, you may be holding on to certain items for future use, such as a baby crib or an old kitchen table. Any furniture items can certainly help out young people when they get their own home. Your new home may not have room for these large items, but luckily you can place them in a storage unit for safe keeping.

Self-Storage at Affordable Family Storage in Topeka  

If you are downsizing and looking for a storage solution, look no further than Affordable Family Storage in Topeka, Kansas. Located at 240 SE 29th Street, we offer convenient and affordable self-storage solutions, with great customer service. If you are not from the Topeka area, we also have several other locations throughout the Midwest, including locations in Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska. To rent a self-storage unit, contact Affordable Family Storage today!

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