Do I Need A Self Storage Unit While In College?

February 15, 2018

Do I need a self storage unit in college?

Self Storage: Do I Need A Unit While In College?

If you are a college student, moving away from home and into a dorm with hundreds of strangers, storage is likely not your top priority. However, once you begin the moving process, you realize that you had way more stuff than you thought you did and that your dorm is way smaller than your childhood house or apartment. One option is to have your parents keep all of your stuff, but they might not want to keep it. Anyway, it’ll be hard to turn your room into a billiard parlor with a bunch of your old skateboards lying around. Luckily, Affordable Family Storage has a solution. In today’s blog post, we discuss why a self-storage unit is a beneficial thing to have, even in college.

How Much Stuff Are You Taking With You?

It goes without saying that not all college students will want or need a self-storage unit. While some students have a bunch of stuff that they want to bring with them and parents that have no interest in storing their belongings, there are just as many students who only need some clothes and a PS4. With that being said, the first question that a student must answer in determining how to store their stuff is: how much stuff do you need put in storage?

If you have a lot of stuff and are moving a good distance away from your family, you will need a self-storage unit pretty quickly, unless you want to make another trip back home for your stuff.

What Is Your Living Situation?

The need for a self-storage unit among college students stems from most students moving into a dorm or a small studio apartment. This is the greatest motivation to rent out a self-storage unit because it allows you to store your belongings and still have access to them while at the same time not having a cluttered dorm room.

While most people with a self-storage unit use it for storing things that they no longer use, such as old furniture or family memorabilia, college students use it for a more practical purpose. Most college students don’t have an old couch to store but they do have gaming systems and sports gear that can clutter up a dorm if they aren’t being used.

Affordable Family Storage Can Provide You With A Self-Storage Unit

At Affordable Family Storage, we understand how expensive college can be and how strapped for money students can be. Let us help get you into a self-storage unit that works with your budget. Contact us at (417) 815-0098 or visit the Republic location website for more information.

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