Creating a Self Storage Inventory List

March 20, 2018

Man creating inventory of self storage unit

How to Make Your Own Self Storage Inventory List

One of the first things we recommend to our self-storage users is that as they move items into their unit they keep an inventory, so they know what they have stored. Nothing is more frustrating than needing one particular item and not being sure where it is or if you still even have it. Have an upcoming camping trip and are unsure where your tent is? Keeping track of all your stuff helps you quickly and easily find the things you need. Today, Affordable Family Storage will discuss how and why you need an inventory list for your self-storage unit.

Create Categories and Box Accordingly

The easiest way to begin your inventory list is to place the items you are planning to put into storage into specific categories. Using our above example, you may create a camping category, a dishware category, or whatever you have multiple items of. Once you have your items placed into categories, box these items together. They don’t have to be all in one box, but as you are boxing these items, place them into the same area.

Label Your Boxes and Create a Self-Storage Map

Once you have everything boxed up label your boxes and create a rudimentary map for where you placed categories into your self-storage unit. For categories that you have a lot of, try to create subcategories that are still grouped together but boxed separately. For instance, you may have a kitchen category with subcategories of dishes, appliances, and silverware. A basic map showing which section of your self-storage unit certain categories are placed in will save you a ton of time when you start searching for one particular item. It may be a little more work up front, but offers major time and effort savings in the long run.

Create an Inventory List

Once you have your belongings categorized and are ready to place them into your self-storage unit, create a list that includes each individual item. A category map will help you find your items, but an inventory list will allow you to know which specific items you have in storage. An even better option is to create a digital list using something like Google sheets that you can update as you remove and add items to self-storage.

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