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September 10, 2018

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Storage Unit Finds You Won’t Believe

Most storage units are filled with clutter from people’s homes, but every once in a while, a lucky individual buys a storage unit that is filled with unimaginable treasure. Over the years, there have been some genuinely unique storage unit discoveries that have made some fortunate people very wealthy. We’ve written a blog listing some of the craziest storage unit finds to date!

James Bond’s Car From “The Spy Who Loved Me”

When a gentleman from Long Island purchased a storage unit for 100 dollars, he had no idea that what was inside would be worth almost a million dollars. At first, he thought he’d just found a strange looking car with fins. He loaded his new belonging up on a truck, and as he was driving it home, he got calls from truckers on the highway asking him whether or not that was an authentic James Bond car.

As it turns out, what he had unearthed was one of eight submarine cars used in the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me.” The other seven vehicles had all been accounted for; however, the eighth had been lost. No one knows how it ended up in a storage unit in Long Island, but I’m sure the owner is glad it did because he was able to sell it at auction for nearly a million dollars to the owner of Tesla, Elon Musk.

Burt Reynolds’ Memorabilia

During his years in Hollywood, the legendary Burt Reynolds collected memorabilia from each set he worked on. Over the years, he acquired quite a collection. In 1999, Reynolds stopped making the payments for his storage unit, and his unit got auctioned off. Fortunately, some loyal fans bought up the memorabilia and decided to create a museum that celebrated the life and work of Burt Reynolds. Now fans from all over get to enjoy Reynold’s movie paraphernalia.

A Storage Unit Thief

One of the more unusual finds inside of a storage unit was a burglar. A man decided that storage units would be an easy target because most people don’t visit their units very often and sometimes they choose to store their valuables there. So, the thief broke into a storage unit and was ransacking it when a security guard came by, saw the door open, and so he closed it trapping the thief inside. The thief was later caught when the security guard heard him trying to escape.

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