Comparing a Bad Storage Facility with a Good One

September 10, 2018

Signing Up for a Storage Facility

The Differences Between a Good and Bad Storage Facility

Choosing the right storage facility is an important decision. But not all facilities are the same quality. Some will be significantly better than others and offer more amenities and conveniences. Today in the Affordable Family Storage blog we’ll talk about the differences between a good and a bad storage facility.

Check the Reviews

This might be an obvious first step, but it’s always good to see what other people are saying about a storage facility. If a facility has a ton of good reviews, it’s probably a pretty safe bet that they’re the one to go with. It’s always good to look at bad reviews too, with a more discerning eye. Did the facility attempt to contact the reviewer and fix their issue? Does the issue brought up in the review seem unreasonable or unwarranted? If the bad reviews seem to be handled well, you’re probably safe in assuming these issues were out of the norm.

Check What Amenities They Have

A good storage facility will have several amenities to improve your storage experience. Of course, quality storage units will be at the top of your priority list, but do they have units that fit your storage needs? What size units do they have? Do they have multiple unit sizes to choose from so you can get one that’s right for you? What about climate-controlled storage units? These are all questions you need to be asking when searching for the perfect facility.

What Makes Them Different?

Truth be told, various storage unit size options and the option to have climate-control tend to be fairly standard. That’s when you need to look into other more unique amenities. For instance, Affordable Family Storage offers better security, late hours for late unit access, automatic online bill pay, moving supplies, and much more. On top of all that, we’re dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. These factors are what really sets a storage facility apart from the rest.

Choose Affordable Family Storage as Your Storage Facility

If you’re looking for the perfect storage facility in Topeka, choose Affordable Family Storage. We have everything you could want out of a facility and much more. Not sure what size storage unit you need? No problem! Just use our free storage calculator to find the perfect fit. We have both regular and climate-controlled storage units available. If you have any questions about Affordable Family Storage, feel free to contact us today. We’re always happy to help.


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