Common Oversights in a New Personal Storage Unit

September 10, 2018

young man leaning over personal storage boxes looking defeated

Avoid these 3 Personal Storage Oversights in Your New Unit

Loading your items in and out of a personal storage unit doesn’t have to be a hassle, but unfortunately, it often is. Luckily, there are tips and suggestions you can follow to streamline your personal storage unit experience, so you don’t run into unnecessary issues. Here are some quick and painless ways to avoid issues when loading and unloading your personal storage unit.

#1 Packaging Really Does Matter

Careless and incorrect packing could lead to unwanted damage and lost items. The wrong type of box could quickly deteriorate in hot or humid conditions. Weak boxes will buckle against bugs and critters, and old boxes could invite unwanted mold and mildew onto your personal storage.


Not labeling what’s inside each box is also a big mistake. When you improperly label your packed belongings, you end up buying duplicates or replacements when you can’t find them again. Create aisles in your unit, so you can reach each correctly labeled box. You never know when you’ll need something in the back corner of your unit. With an aisle, you don’t have to move everything in front of it first.

#2 Amenities > Price

Look for what you really need in a personal storage unit and try not to focus on the price. If your items are temperature-sensitive, then ignoring that need will lead to damage, not to mention more expenses when you need to replace what was damaged.


It’s also smart to look for other benefits that may be included in the price. Yes, this unit may be a bit more expensive, but it offers more security, has better lighting, and is easier to access with a truck. With these amenities, you’re getting the most for your money’s worth!

#3 Don’t Procrastinate!

You’re busy, but don’t wait until the last minute to secure yourself a personal storage unit. If there are no available units, you may have no place to put your things, which will delay schedules and cause stress. Don’t burden your friends and family with all your things, instead, be proactive about your planning and execution.


Also, think about the size of unit you really need! Maybe you don’t need a 10x10 unit, but you wanted to play it safe. There’s nothing worse than loading up your unit and not having enough room for all your personal storage or paying for too much empty space. Affordable Family Storage recommends using an online self-storage calculator like this one. Here, you can select your ideal unit size, fill it with personal items like furniture and appliances, and discover the exact unit size you need without wasting money.

Secure Your Personal Storage Unit with Affordable Family Storage!

Loading your belongings into personal storage can be stressful enough. It’s best for all parties to avoid common oversights like these. With properly packed items, the right amenities, and some planning ahead, you can expect smooth sailing!

For more personal storage tips and information, visit the Affordable Family Storage website. Explore what unit size you may or may not need with the interactive personal storage calculator, or browse our unit amenities at our many locations! Whatever you need in a storage unit, we’ve got it.

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