Clever Organization Ideas for Your Storage Unit

February 25, 2018

Girl organizes her storage unit

Clever Ways to Organize Your Storage Unit

Nothing is more annoying than a messy, disorganized storage unit. It makes it difficult to find what you need, causes stress, and increases the amount of time you have to spend at the storage facility. Luckily, with the help of a couple, clever organizational ideas, you can take the hassle out of visiting your storage unit. To start organizing, try out these ideas from Affordable Family Storage in Topeka, Kansas.

PVC Pipe Shelving

Shelving is one of the most effective ways to quickly organize a storage unit. With shelves, you get your boxes and bins off of the floor and put them on display. This clears up space and makes it easier to find what you need. Unfortunately, quality shelving units can cost hundreds of dollars. If you do not what to spend the money, try making shelving out PVC pipes.

Found at any local hardware store, PVC pipes are relatively inexpensive. In fact, 10 feet of PVC pipe typically costs around $2  – what a bargain! Building this kind of shelving is relatively easy and doesn’t require any professional construction experience. There are plenty of tutorials and how-to guides online, so do a little research to get a better idea.

Once you have built your PVC pipe shelf, bring it to the storage facility to store your bins and boxes. Remember to keep the heavier boxes near the bottom and the lighter ones near the top to prevent the shelf from collapsing. Although PVC pipe is pretty strong and sturdy, remember that this is not a professionally-built industrial shelf.

DIY Labels

Labeling is an important component of organizing a storage unit, but creating labels is harder than you might think. Although you can simply label boxes and bins with a permanent marker, handwriting can be difficult to read. Label makers offer a great alternative, but they can be expensive. Instead, create your own labels.

There are many options for DIY labels, and the internet is full of ideas. We recommend printing typed labels, laminating them, and applying them to your boxes or bins with double-sided tape or velcro. This is just one option, so look around to find what works for you!


Any great organizer knows the power of color-coordination. At a single glance, you can find what you need simply based on the color. If you are storing a wide variety of items from multiple rooms in your house, create a color-coordination system by purchasing plastic, colored bins or a designing colored labels. Everything in your kitchen can be blue, while everything from your living room can be green. Whatever you decide to do, create a system that makes sense to you and you will remember. If need be, you can even create a guide to help you remember the colors.

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