Clean Your Outdoor Gear Before You Store it in Your Storage Unit

July 31, 2018

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At Affordable Family Storage, we know that safe and secure storage is important. We want all of your gear to be well-preserved so that you are ready for fun whenever the time is right. When the camping season ends and it is time to store your equipment, follow these steps to ensure that your valuable adventuring gear is ready when the weather warms up and you are ready for the next camping trip.

Gear to Clean Before Placing in Storage Unit

Tents and Tarps should be opened up and dried out in the sun before storage. Nothing is worse than preparing for your next camping trip and realizing that your tent has been overtaken by mold and mildew. It’s much easier to clean your tent before mold and mildew occur than to remove the them after the damage is done. Here is a fresh tip: put a laundry dryer sheet into storage with your tent to ensure a pleasant smell on your next camping trip.


Sleeping Bags, Winter Jackets, Blankets and any other insulated fabrics must be removed from compression bags, shaken out, and stored loosely. If you forget to take your sleeping bag out of its compression bag, the insulating filling material will become permanently compressed and clumpy, losing its ability to keep you warm. Like tents and tarps, sleeping bags and other insulated fabric items must be clean and dry before they go into your storage unit.


Propane Camp Stoves, Lanterns and Heaters and any other items that utilize liquid gas must be carefully examined before going in your storage unit. Remove all fuel from the item and open all valves and switches so that any gas caught in the line may be discharged. Gas stuck in the lines of a camp stove may result in a fire hazard. Over time, gases remaining in the fuel line will degrade and cause a buildup of gunk which can obstruct the fuel lines, resulting in an item that is unsafe for use.


Edged Tools Such as Knives, Shovels and Axes should be carefully cleaned and wrapped in an oiled cloth. After they have been cleaned and wrapped, place your edged tools in a sturdy container so they can be stored safely without the risk of injury when you are moving items later.


Climate-Controlled Storage is available at Affordable Family Storage so that your camping gear will be perfectly preserved. Climate-controlled storage units help to manage temperature, humidity and air quality, ensuring that your valuable items will be ready for adventure when you are.

Be Ready for Adventure with Affordable Family Storage

At Affordable Family Storage, we know that excitement and adventure are important to you, and we want to help you be ready when the time is right. With this helpful advice, climate-controlled storage units, and advanced security systems at our facilities, we ensure that your camping gear is safe, secure, and protected. For more information about Affordable Family Storage, contact us today or visit our website.

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