Clean Out Your Garden Shed with a Self Storage Unit

February 5, 2018

Self Storage Garden Shed

Declutter Your Shed with Self Storage

A garden shed is a great place to throw all your outdoor tools and lawn care equipment when you’re done with it. In fact, it’s so easy to just put stuff in there that it can quickly become cluttered and full of junk. It’s time to take back your garden shed in the name of organization. But you don’t have to do it alone! Affordable Family Storage can help with your self-storage needs. Here’s how to get your garden shed looking clean and organized again.

Take Stock of Everything

The first step is the hardest. Pick a nice day to go through everything in your shed. Yes, it’s a shame to waste a beautiful day on cleaning out a shed, but the feeling of being organized afterward will be worth it. The easiest way to do this step is to take everything out of your shed and organize it into categories: keep, get rid of, donate, and put in self-storage. Once you have this all figured out, you’re ready to start organizing and packing things up.

Put Everything Back

Now that everything is separated, you can start packing up the things you’ll bring to self-storage. Make sure to use labeled boxes so you can keep your self-storage unit organized too. Now, before you put your things back in the garden shed, you’ll want to make sure you can put them back in an organized way. The best way to do that is to build some shelves and places to hang tools and equipment. The less stuff that’s on the floor, the less cluttered it will seem. Keep the floor open for larger things like the lawnmower. You may even want to buy some drawers to put away smaller things that don’t really have a place. Once you have everything properly organized, it will be easier to keep it that way, and you’ll be able to find what you need right away.

Choose Affordable Family Storage for Your Self-Storage Needs

Whether you need self-storage for your garden shed, your whole home, or everything in between, Affordable Family Storage has a solution for you. Self-storage is a great way to get your life organized. Not sure what kind of unit you need? Just use our self-storage calculator to find out what would work best for you. Still have questions? Just contact Affordable Family Storage today! We’re happy to help.

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