Benefits of using the AFS Storage Space Calculator

September 10, 2018

Piecing together a wooden square puzzle - storage calculator concept4 Awesome Features of the AFS Storage Space Calculator!

When you decide on what items you need to place in a storage space, the next step is to choose an appropriately sized unit. For some, deciding on a unit size can be a little confusing at first. When you’re not sure which size of unit will best fit your needs, tools like the Storage Space Calculator from Affordable Family Storage really come in handy. Here’s a quick breakdown of the 4 main features the AFS Storage Space Calculator has to offer, and the benefits of using them!

Items to Store

The handy “Items to Store” section of the calculator is great because you can select exact numbers of specific items you plan to store in your unit. Simply click on the category of items you plan to store and choose specific numbers of exact items. This part is important because you can add up to 10 duplicates of each item. So, essentially, if you needed to store 10 king-sized mattresses, you could determine exactly which unit size you need with the help of this calculator.

Of course, the Storage Space calculator can only list so many options and has limited its categories to household furniture and appliances. But if there is something you would like to add and can’t find, simply choose an item on the list that closely resembles your personal belonging to get a good estimate.

Items in Storage

In addition to the visual aspects of the calculator, the “Items in Storage” section will list out the items you select and the amount you have chosen. A different way of displaying the items you have selected, it also acts as a key for color-coded items within the visual representation of the Storage Space Calculator.

Suggested Unit Size

As you add more items to your Storage Space Calculator, they will appear in the “Suggested Unit Size” space. This feature is especially handy because it immediately tells you the amount of square footage in use and still available, while color coding each item within. This aspect of the calculator will really benefit visual learners because of the puzzle-piece effect it displays to show you how each item will take up space within your unit.

Quick Size Guide

The “Quick Size Guide” at the bottom of the calculator is another great visual representation of how your items will realistically fit inside your storage space. While you can’t manipulate any variables in this feature, you can get a stronger visual of how your belongings will realistically fit. Bulky couches, awkward lamps, and oddly shaped furniture take up lots of dead space, so this feature helps reflect that.

Storage Space with Affordable Family Storage

At Affordable Family Storage, we always put our customers first. This is why we’ve developed a Storage Space Calculator to help you better determine the right size unit that meets your needs! Explore what you can and cannot store and choose your unit knowing you’re getting the best possible deal. What are you waiting for? Explore our Storage Space Calculator today!

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