Being a Good Storage Unit Neighbor

June 30, 2018

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Your storage facility is a lot like an apartment complex. People rent out the spaces, they come and go, and sometimes you meet a neighbor on their move-in day. You may exchange pleasantries, nod, and go about your business.

But when you start to treat your storage unit like you may have treated your musty college apartment, you may run into issues with your storage neighbors. The golden rule of self-storage is this: treat your storage space as you would have others treat theirs. Today in the Affordable Family Storage blog, we look at a few things you can do to be a good storage neighbor.

Follow the Facility Rules

Your storage facility will lay out very specific rules for what can and cannot be stored in one of their storage units. These include caustic and flammable substances, perishable items, and more. Check with your facility before you load your items in for storage so you are aware of the rules. So long as you follow these to a T, your neighbors will appreciate you.

Load and Unload Courteously

Storage units from Affordable Family Storage in Omaha offer drive-up access. This means you can pull straight up to the door of your unit with no hassle - unless your neighbor also needs to do some work on their unit at the same time. If you are loading or unloading things from your unit, stay out of others’ way. Don’t pile boxes in a walkway, and don’t park your vehicle in the way of other units. Other people need access to their things as well, so keep that in mind as you move about the storage facility.

Pack Well

How you choose to pack your items for your storage unit can make a lot of difference for you and your neighbors. First, if you’re going to store your items in cardboard boxes, make sure those boxes are free of pests before you load them into your unit. The last thing you or your neighbors want is for their things to be overrun by critters that were hiding away in the dark corners of your boxes. Spiders, roaches, and more appreciate the cool, dark environment of a box tucked away in a storage unit, so be sure to clean yours out before use.

And if you’ll be storing any liquids, even ones that are approved by the facility, make sure they are sealed in such a way that they cannot leak. Leaks that are left to sit can affect other boxes, start to smell, and they may travel to your neighbors. Avoid any trouble and seal everything to the best of your ability.

Get a Storage Unit From Affordable Family Storage

Join our storage neighborhood in Omaha, and introduce yourself to your storage unit neighbors while you’re at it. When you rent a storage unit from Affordable Family Storage, you get the best amenities possible. With drive-up access, round-the-clock security, climate-controlled storage units, and so much more, we’re the top-tier storage facility in the area. Reserve your storage unit online today to get started!

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