Avoid These Common Injuries at Your Storage Space

June 30, 2018

woman injures back lifting heavy box

Injuries are common for people who are moving their things to a storage space because they aren’t used to the repetitious squatting, bending, and overhead lifting. If these are not movements a person commonly makes, then they may be at more risk for injury.

It’s happened to all too many storage renters, which is why Affordable Family Storage tries to make things as easy as possible for all of our customers. Below, we identify a few common injuries that storage renters experience and how you can avoid them.

Back Injuries

These are by far the most common injuries that storage renters face. It doesn’t help that so many people work jobs that keep them seated for long hours every day, so when the time comes to start hauling heavy boxes, they’re already set up for failure. The repeated bending and lifting puts people with poor spinal and core stability at risk.

To ease the strain on your back, take advantage of one of the handcarts located on-site at Affordable Family Storage, or get some friends together to help you move your boxes. Extra hands will help you load your storage unit more quickly and save your back some stress.


Falls are less likely to occur on-site, but they may happen when you’re loading a vehicle, especially if stairs are involved. Storage renters who have to move heavy objects down stairs and through tight spaces are more prone to falls. The difficulty of having to lift heavy items while navigating corners and stairs often leads to trips and falls.

To reduce the likelihood of any falls that may occur as you load your storage unit, there are a few things you can do. First, wear good footwear. Open-toed sandals or flip-flops are going to catch more easily on things or they may even trip you up themselves. Second, get help from a reliable group of friends or relatives. Extra hands mean less lifting, less strain overall, and less chance for injury.

Foot and Hand Injuries

These injuries come about because people lift heavy objects like couches, boxes of books, desks, and more. When they mishandle the item around a corner, they may catch a hand between the wall and the heavy item. This may cause bruising, scraping, and some serious pain. Dropped items may land squarely on a person’s toe, causing even more pain.

Avoid these pesky injuries by taking your time and not overworking yourself. If necessary, take an extra day to move so you aren’t doing it all in one go. Get help if you need, and when you arrive at your storage space, use the handcarts and dollies to make things easier on yourself.

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