Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Moving Stuff to a Storage Facility

February 26, 2018

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Your Stuff to a Storage Facility

Moving items to a storage facility seems like a pretty straightforward process. Move the items to a vehicle, drive to the storage facility, and move the items to your unit, or simply call a moving company. However, there are some easy-to-make mistakes that can complicate your move. Today, Affordable Family Storage discusses the top 5 mistakes to avoid when moving your stuff to a storage facility. Follow these steps to make sure your move is as efficient as possible.

Mistake 1 - Not Getting Enough Information From Your Moving Company

Find out what type of equipment your moving company will use when moving your items. Ensure that they sufficient training and equipment to safely and securely move your items. Check what type of vehicle they will move your items in. If you have a very large amount of stuff you will want to make sure they have enough room in their vehicle to get everything in one trip, saving you potential costs.

Mistake 2 - Not Ensuring The Moving Vehicle Will Fit

Before you contact the storage facility to rent your unit, make sure you contact the moving company about what type of vehicle they will use to pick up your items. Some companies use vans or trucks, while other use 18-wheelers. Get the vehicle dimensions ahead of time to make sure that access to the storage facility will be possible.

Mistake 3 - Being Too Passive During the Loading/Unloading Process

Many people simply defer to hired movers because they are under the impression that they will know what is best. However, the items being moved are yours, so any special instructions or requirements need to be told to the movers to ensure your belongings are properly handled. While movers are well experienced with general moving, do not assume they know how every item is best handled.

Mistake 4 - Selecting Too Small of a Storage Unit

It can be difficult to figure out how much space you will need from the storage facility. Use our storage calculator to help. Nothing is worse than finding out halfway through unloading your items that you have run out of space. Be proactive and check with the storage facility about your needs ahead of time.

Mistake 5 - Choosing the Wrong Time to Visit the Storage Facility

In general, most people move their things to a storage facility on the weekends. While that time may be best for you, if you have the ability to move during “off hours,” you may be able to cut the costs and time required to complete your move. Remember, you are paying movers hourly. The quicker you can finish your move the better.

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