Affordable Family Storage: Tips for Sorting Items Before Storage

September 10, 2018

Woman sorting her boxesAffordable Family Storage: How To Best Sort Items

Before you move your belongings into your Affordable Family Storage unit, you will first need to get organized and sort all of your stuff. The sorting process is an important part of self-storage, so you want to make sure that you are being efficient with your belongings, using the right containers, and keeping everything organized. Today, Affordable Family Storage is going to give you some tips for sorting items before they go to storage.

Mark Items Based On Where They Go

A good way to keep your items consolidated is to mark them and organize them in your Affordable Family Storage unit according to where they go in your home. If you organize your belongings this way, it is easy to go into your storage unit, know what you are looking for, and find exactly what you are looking for. This is especially helpful if you might be moving soon and are using your storage unit as a go-between for your new home.

Mark Items Based On Who They Belong To

Another good way to organize your items before putting them into storage, especially if you have a family, is to mark items based on who they belong to. If you have young children, you can put old toys into their own boxes when they are outdated. And if you are sentimental, you can keep toys and items of family value organized by family member without them cluttering your home.

Mark Items Based On Value Or Importance

For some people, storage is a way to keep items that you aren’t ready or will never be ready to sell without having them take up space in your home. Collectables and memorabilia are a good example of this. However, it is important to mark these items and place them in the proper container to make sure they aren’t damaged and are kept in mint condition. It might also be beneficial to get a climate-controlled storage unit from Affordable Family Storage so that your belongings aren’t exposed to harsh temperatures.

Mark Items Based On Season

One of the most common uses of self-storage is for seasonal items, like collapsible swimming pools or snow blowers. For smaller items, like pool toys or even sports equipment, it can help to organize them based on their season so that you know exactly where everything is for next season.

Contact Affordable Family Storage For More Tips

Organizing your belongings before storage is arguably as important as the move-in process itself. At Affordable Family Storage, we want to help you best utilize your storage unit. For more information, give us a call at (573) 240-8668 or contact us online today.


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