Affordable Family Storage: Tips for Safe and Injury Free Moving - Part 2

July 25, 2018

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In a previous blog, the pros at Affordable Family Storage in Des Moines shared helpful advice for staying safe and injury free while moving. In today’s blog, we continue our discussion with safety tips for moving, including details about choosing the right moving equipment and the right storage solutions, so you and your belongings make it through the move safely. At Affordable Family Storage, we want every customer to have a great experience when they choose our services, and that’s why we offer helpful advice and advanced facilities that ensure the safety and security of our customers and their valuable belongings.

Opt for Helpful Moving Equipment

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, choosing the right moving equipment is a fundamental step to ensuring that your move goes smoothly. It may cost a little extra to rent moving equipment, but the time you will save and the safety risk you will avoid, make it a wise investment.


A remarkably useful piece of moving equipment is the hand truck, also commonly referred to as a dolly. The hand truck makes it possible to move even extremely heavy items with very little effort. Simply slide the hand truck under the item, use the safety straps to secure the item, and you are ready to roll. It takes a little balancing, and you will definitely want to have a friend assist you, but moving items with a hand truck is really quite easy.


Lifting straps are another moving equipment solution that offers safe and simple moving for larger items, such as appliances or furniture. Lifting straps require two people to team lift items, so make sure to bring a helper to assist with your move. Read the instructions first. Team lifting with straps is quite easy, but make sure that you are following the directions properly.

Affordable Family Storage Quick Tip: When choosing safe moving equipment, don’t overlook your shoes! Choose sturdy shoes that fit well - with a good grip on the soles - for safety while moving.

Choose Convenient Storage Solutions

It may seem sort of obvious, but the storage facility that you choose may determine a significant amount of the difficulty of your move. Many storage facilities are not designed for easy moving. Some storage facilities are outdoor access only, so you may have to contend with hot summer temperatures, icy winter weather, or slippery rainy conditions on your moving day.


Some storage facilities fail to offer drive up access to your storage unit, requiring you to carry items from the parking lot, through entry doors and down hallways before you even arrive at your storage unit. Drive up access prevents a lot of extra lifting and some extra risk of injury.


At Affordable Family Storage in Des Moines, we offer the best of both worlds, with indoor access to your storage unit and drive up access as well. Simply pull your vehicle indoors into the facility and drive right up to your storage unit. You will be protected from all weather conditions, and you will have a much easier time getting items out of your vehicle and into the storage unit.

Select the Right Size Storage Unit

An overstuffed storage unit can be unsafe, even when you are just walking inside. Moving more items into an overstuffed storage unit is even more unsafe. Tight quarters, tripping hazards, and over stacked items are all a likely cause for an injury. Trying to force large items, such as couches or appliances, to fit in an overstuffed storage unit can be dangerous. It is best to store items in a stable way, so if you must balance a couch on its end or stack your mattress on top of your dining room chairs, you’re asking for trouble. Plan ahead for safe moving, and use the Storage Space Calculator from Affordable Family Storage so you can be sure you will have plenty of room!

At Affordable Family Storage, Customers Come First

We want every customer to have a great experience at Affordable Family Storage, and that means safety, excellent customer service, and top-notch facilities that offer comfort and ease of moving. We value the protection of our customers and their belongings. Contact us today to see everything we can offer!

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