Affordable Family Storage: Tips for Packing and Moving Dishes

March 27, 2018

Affordable Family Storage Dishware

Affordable Family Storage on Packing and Moving Dishware

At Affordable Family Storage, we know that dishware is one of the hardest things to move and store. Fragile and expensive, you want to pack your bowls, plates, cups, and glasses with extra care to avoid any damage. If you are planning to store your dishware in a storage unit, Affordable Family Storage in Topeka provides some useful tips below.

Choose the Right Packing Materials

When it comes to dishware, paper is the best packing material. To provide some cushion for your dishware, place a layer of crumbled packing paper at the bottom of your boxes. Crumbling your packing paper is key because folding the paper will not provide enough cushion to absorb any shock that may occur during the move.

Wrap Each Individual Piece of Glassware

At Affordable Family Storage, we recommend that you wrap each individual piece of glassware while you are packing. This will provide a nice layer of protection and ensure that nothing will break during the move. To wrap dishware, you can use a few layers of newspaper, paper towels, packing paper, or even bubble wrap.

Pack Your Boxes Full

Do not be shy when packing boxes of dishware. Fill each box all the way and add another layer of crumbled packing paper at the top of the box. This will ensure that the dishware does not move around too much in the box, decreasing your chances of breaking anything during the move.

Tape Correctly

If you are packing your dishes in cardboard boxes, be sure to tape the top and bottom of the box before you move. Be sure to use strong, thick packing tape, not masking tape or duct tape. This additional layer of tape ensures that the box does not burst open during the move, breaking your dishes.

Label Everything

We cannot stress this enough: as you are packing, carefully label each box. This will not only make it easier to organize later, but it will let the movers know that they are handling fragile dishware, reminding them to handle with care. If you take enough precaution, you are less likely to open a box of broken dishes in the future.

Contact Affordable Family Storage

At Affordable Family Storage, we are always happy to provide moving and storage advice to new customers. If you are looking for a storage facility in the Topeka area to assist with your move, contact Affordable Family Storage today! We offer cost-effective climate storage units in a variety of sizes. To reserve your unit, be sure to give us a call at (785)-329-0004.

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