Affordable Family Storage - Things To Do In Topeka

May 2, 2018

Affordable Family Storage Suggests Things To Do in Topeka

Affordable Family Storage - Topeka, KS.

Affordable Family Storage isn’t just about finding the best storage solutions for people in Topeka, Kansas and elsewhere in the Midwest. We also like to offer tips and advice on places to live and things to do near our various storage locations. One of these locations is Topeka, KS. There’s plenty to see and do in Topeka, whether you’re looking for fun, family-friendly activities, date night ideas, individual hobbies, and much more. In this blog, the Affordable Family Storage team in Topeka goes over some of the most popular things to do in Topeka.

Kansas Children’s Discovery Center

You’ve probably already guessed from the number of informative blogs we’ve posted, but the Affordable Family Storage team has a real passion for education. This is especially true when it’s done in a way that’s fun and engaging for kids - and their parents! The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center is a great family destination that offers interactive exhibits, science experiments, art activities, hands-on lessons about agriculture, and much more. The center offers school field trip events and family visits and is a great place to see your young kids learn more about the world.

Old Prairie Town

If history is more your thing, you’ll find plenty of it in Topeka. Like a lot of the Midwest, Topeka has deep ties to the history of the United States, and there are plenty of places in and around it to find out more. Old Prairie Town is part of the Ward-Meade Historic Site, situated on the Oregon Trail in Topeka. The town is part of a dedication to recreate and maintain the atmosphere of the early settlements in the area, helping us appreciate our own history.

Mulvane Art Museum

Topeka has no shortage of culture either. The Mulvane Art Museum has been open since 1924 and is the oldest, fully-accredited art museum west of the Mississippi. The museum houses exhibits from many talented local artists, as well as international painters, sculptors, and more. The museum also offers classes and more involved activities for all ages.

Kaw River State Park

For outdoor pursuits, Topeka is surrounded by lush countryside and beautiful, natural scenery. Much of what the Affordable Family Storage team loves about the Midwest is the landscape. From woods and forests to rolling hills and mountains, there’s plenty to experience for those with a passion for hiking, walking, or sightseeing. Kaw River State Park is just one of many examples of well-maintained nature spots that offer walking, hiking, or camping sites for families and enthusiasts.

Store Your Stuff with Affordable Family Storage

These are just a few examples of what’s available in Topeka. There’s also plenty of nightlife, shopping, business and employment opportunities and endless options for great places to eat. In the meantime, are you looking for somewhere to store your belongings in Topeka? With all these things to do, you need to know your valuables are somewhere safe and secure, so you can relax and have fun. Get in touch with the storage rental team at Affordable Family Storage today. We can provide you with modern, secure, reliable storage, with 24-hour customer service help always on hand to answer any questions.

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