Affordable Family Storage on How Storage Auctions Work

September 11, 2018

Auction tablesWhat’s a Storage Auction? Affordable Family Storage Explains

Storage auctions are often a great place to find a bargain or some unusual items you wouldn’t find elsewhere. But how does a storage auction work? How is it determined when it’s time to auction off what’s being kept in a storage unit? In this entry of the Affordable Family Storage blog, we’re going to take a look in some more detail about how storage auctions work, from when it starts to how items are sold. For more about our storage rental services, check out the Affordable Family Storage website.

What Is a Storage Unit Auction?

A storage auction, also called a storage unit auction, is something that happens when someone has fallen so far behind on their payments that their unit is effectively abandoned. Whatever the reason might be, whether financial issues or the stuff in the unit has simply been forgotten or ditched altogether, a storage facility like Affordable Family Storage might hold on auction to recoup the cost of the payments they never received.

What Happens During the Auction?

In a lot of ways, a storage unit auction functions in the same way as a regular auction. Bidders will bid on certain items, and the winning bidder walks away whatever is being bid on. Before the auction begins, the company hosting it will set out and clarify any specific rules they’ve put in place.

Things to Know About When and How to Pay

Payments for items won at a storage auction are generally expected to be made that day, or the following day at the latest. Cash is often preferred but this can vary depending on the storage company. It’s important to know the expectations of the auction before attending, so contact the storage company beforehand for more information about the details.

What About the Original Owner?

In many cases, the items being auctioned out of a storage unit have been abandoned by the original owner, for one reason or another. Affordable Family Storage makes payment for storage rental as easy as possible for customers, but sometimes circumstances or unexpected events will get in the way. Most storage companies will attempt to contact a unit renter who is behind on payments and give them plenty of warning before their stored items are auctioned.

Contact Affordable Family Storage Today

Of course, with convenient options like online and automatic payments, you’re a lot less likely to fall behind on your storage rental. Not to mention the Affordable Family Storage customer service team is available 24-hours a day to answer any questions or concerns you might have. If you’re looking for high quality, reliable, and secure storage units in Omaha, NE, contact our storage rental team today.


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