Affordable Family Storage: How to Store Weird Shaped Items

August 2, 2018

two men packing up a couch


When you are packing up items and furniture to move to a storage unit, you may start to get frustrated with some of the weird shaped items you are trying to deal with. While they’re great when they’re featured in your house, odd-shaped items can be a pain to pack and store. In today’s Affordable Family Storage blog, we offer some advice to take the headache out of the process.

Get Measurements

It’s hard to know exactly how to store your awkwardly shaped items if you don’t have the dimensions of everything you’re working with. Even items like couches and bed frames all have different dimensions, so it’s important to measure everything you are trying to pack away. If you still have the manufacturer information, your life is a lot easier. Otherwise, set aside a few hours and measure everything you’re trying to pack away in your Affordable Family Storage unit.

Get Visual Assistance

Once you have the general dimensions of everything you are putting in your Affordable Family Storage unit, it’s time to start organizing how you will store everything. Instead of just attempting some trial and error trying to pack in everything at your unit, take advantage of some of the digital resources available. The Affordable Family Storage storage calculator is a great free resource to help you figure out exactly how to place everything in the unit and even help you figure out the size of storage unit that you really need!

Get Protective

Now that you have a game plan of how you are going to pack all of your odd-shaped items into your storage unit, you need to start preparing the items for long-term storage. Clean everything according to the proper care methods and make sure they are completely dry and free of dust.  Then, use some packing plastic to protect the items from getting dings and dents while in transit and while sitting in storage. Use furniture dollies and blankets to make moving the items all the more easier. Trust us when we say a few extra tools are worth the investment.

Get Creative

Unfortunately, even with all your planning and preparations, you may get to your storage unit and realize that things won’t go totally according to plan. That’s okay! You just have to get a bit more creative with your packing while you’re there. Remember to store heavier things on the bottom and try to make room for you to access the back of the storage unit if at all possible.

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